New clan member :-)

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New clan member :-)

Post by Tyler » 05 Oct 2017, 19:46

Hi everyone

I have just joined KAI. I have had a long brake from jk2 for many years. I have come back to JK2 for around a year ago.
Back in the days I was in a duel clan called BBMJ (Big Bad Motherfucking Jedi’s). The clan split in two and I joined a branch called TNA (The New Alliance) still with the focus on duels. I was in the clan for many years. I played mainly on TNA fight Club server = My name Tyler Durden :relaxed: and on Dark Side duel server under the name Murder Death Kill, if anyone remember that server. I only play no force and almost always duels, so I dropped out when the number of duellers dropped and also due to job and school I did not have much time for jk2.

But now I am back, and ready for some awesome jk2 fights. I am excited to be back in a clan, I have been playing a lot on KAI server and met a lot of you guys B-)

So I just want to say its an honour to be part of a great clan, and I am looking forward to meet you all.

Best regards

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Re: New clan member :-)

Post by Hexes » 05 Oct 2017, 22:32

Hello Tyler,

Welcome to KAI!

Nice story, hope to see you on server soon :)

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Re: New clan member :-)

Post by michl » 06 Oct 2017, 20:29

I can just follow Hexes words right here.
You are a nice person and you fit well to us.
Welcome to )KAI( Clan Tyler !:)

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Re: New clan member :-)

Post by Ferox » 09 Oct 2017, 06:58

welcome to KAI!

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