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Post by Abrum » 15 Feb 2017, 10:09

I've been thinking about clans recently. What makes a clan a fantastic one? What helps a JK2 server survive the pit of inactivity that all the other servers have fallen to.

Ca, IKBR, SoL, J4F... These are/were all clans/communities/guilds that won over almost the entire community in some way at any given time, even if it was just by being there.

JK2 is unique in that the activity levels call for a "chosen one," a server that everyone can agree brings back the JK2 that they all know and adore. If you want to be surrounded by the activity that you love, you have to choose a single server in most cases. Not everyone will even agree that the chosen server is the best one to choose. Even so, I sincerely believe that it's important to keep one thing in mind in every choice you make as administrators, that's the word "vintage".

Everyone can agree that vintage JK2 is awesome. When something is as amazing as JK2, why not enjoy it one more time, over and over and over.

Embrace that word in every aspect of the clan. People want ffa_bespin, people want the Force, people want the times when there was less drama and JK2 didn't have to worry about a "chosen one" because any server you'd go to had people, people also want dueling. Genuine, mint condition vintage JK2 gameplay/community. Whenever you think of changing something, consider that word before deciding. Small changes are vital, but people seem to be looking for a time sanctuary of sorts where you can just play JK2.

Regarding modding, it's important to keep it optional. People have choices when it comes to changing just about any aspect of the game with private mods on their computers. Please keep modding, but keep it as optional as possible so it isn't forced on people.

Just my 2 cents after taking a step back and looking at my last 10 years in JK2. Let me know what you think. :)

May the Force be with you.

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Re: Vintage

Post by KAI_astrology » 18 Apr 2017, 16:31

Great post, got this game in 2002 and it has been my favorite game since. There isn't any game I've played that recreates the atmosphere of a clan as this one did. I have life long friends I've never actually met.

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Re: Vintage

Post by ~troop~ » 26 Apr 2017, 22:53

Great post and I agree with you. I love it when games stay in their original way and still be enjoyed. Mod's and similar stuff are fun but as you said, it should be kept optinal. If a mod is going to be added, it should either just add a little place to an already existing map like the Bespin Ca addon we know or just add a little thing that wont affect the normal gameplay. Some new players never got to experience what it was like to play back in 2002. Many players wherever you go and no worries about abuses to drama. People just wanna slash each other and have fun. Most people don't know the original experience others got back in the old days. I personally agree that most things should be kept original and unchanged. Bespin, Deathstar or any other classic map and classic saber slashing action. However, I also think there are stuff that should be changed. KAI is mainly a dueling server. FFA is allowed but laming is not acceptable. That means, attacking a person who has his saber down. People can FFA as long as they dont lame other players. Overall, I agree but I also think some things must be changed. Remember that KAI server is mainly a dueling server but as i said people can still FFA without interrupting people who are not FFA'ing.
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