Star Sytem

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Star Sytem

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We are implementing a system to reward members for their dedication in the clan.

Star system

* White star = exceptionally active in-game
  • No more than 3 members will have this star
* Yellow Star = Duel king(replacing DK tag)
  • No more than 1 member will have this star
Council is responsible for awarding stars to members.


1. Must wear )KAI( tag at all times if not most of the time in-game
2. Do NOT ask for stars.
3. Council has the authority to remove white star from people for not being as active as others
4. Anyone found abusing this or adding a star after their name for no reason will result in disciplinary action.
5. A member is able to hold 2 stars at once if they achieve both duel king and excellent activity

This is an early test of the star system and there may be another star added at a later time, or might be removed completely.
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