)KAI( and Server Rules

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)KAI( and Server Rules

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  • 1. No Laming
Which means attacking a player that has a saber down. This includes with a lightsaber or using the force(like grip)
  • 2. No spamming chat
Having say binds like "Good Fight" is perfectly fine. However, flooding the chat with a lot of different binds is not okay.
  • 3. No offensive language
It's okay to say some curse words, however, those words should not be directed to someone and should not be said in a disrespectful manner.

)KAI( Members Rules
  • 1. All )KAI( Members are expected to follow all of the server rules
  • 3. All )KAI( Members should not abuse admin

All players in the server are expected to follow these rules. If anyone has an issue with a player, they should contact an admin in order to resolve the situation.

All )KAI( members are expected to follow all of these rules. Violation of these rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from )KAI(.
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