Server rules and concept

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Server rules and concept

Post by Kevin » 23 Sep 2017, 23:28


I would like to explain to you what the commUnity server is, and how you can take part in it.

The commUnity server is not a clan, guild, team, gang, or anything of that sort, so there are no ranks, tags, or any other things often associated with them. It is simply a common ground for clans and players to have fun together, be it through normal FFA, special gamemodes, or simply by chatting.

There are not many rules on the server, but there are a few we would like you to follow:
  • Don't hunt someone without their consent.
  • If private modes (FF and FFA) are disabled you are not allowed to interupt the fights of others. If private modes are enabled, use those or don't complain if you are interupted.
  • Using a kickscript, wallhack, or any other sort of cheats are tolerated, but we advice that you disable some of them during certain events, e.g. not using aimbots or wallhacks during InstaGib or Arms Race, as this would give you a huge advantage to the other players. We simply encourage fairplay, especially during special gamemodes, but you won't be punished for using them.
  • Any sort of admin abuse is not tolerated, and we will take action against anyone doing so.
There are a few "levels" your account on the server can have. Obtaining the different levels is something I will write more about in the participation section, but for now I will simply state what is available to you at the specific levels:
  • The first level is simply "Registered". At this level you will not have any admin tools available, except for a command that lets you see who is currently logged in. You can however, make use of some of the client features that requires the use of accounts, such as the scoretracker command, which tracks a variety of stats while you play.
  • The second level is known as Event Organizer. Selected players of this level will be able to start and manage fun events on the server, and will have commands that allows them to administrate said events.
  • The third level is the base admin level. Admins will have a variety of commands available for basic server management, including those available to an event organizer.
  • The fourth level is known as High Admin, and these will have a few more tools available to them than the basic admin.
  • The fith level is known as Staff. The select few staff members will have most commands available to them, and they are the only ones who has the power to ban a player from the server (except for the level above it, obviously). Admins of this level maintain basic server related things and participate in the discussion of any suggestions or complaints you might have. If they observe an admin abusing their power they also have commands to either remove commands from said abuser, or to disable their account entirely.
  • The last and final level is the one used by me, as the server owner and developer of the mod used on it. It is the only level that allows you to ban an entire range of IP's. There will not be any admin higher than this, as I need to be able to sort out any potential admin issues, administrate accounts, and so on.
As it is a server for the commUnity, it should obviously be administrated by members of the JK2 community as well. Your clan can apply for a total of two admin accounts; one basic and one high admin. This must be done through! In the rare cases where you would like to host an event on a certain date, we can temporarily allow for more than two to become Event Organizers, but those will usually be revoked back to their normal Registered state after the event is over. This is done to limit the amount of players with access to admin tools. Although any clan can technically apply to have one or two admins on the server, commands will not be given to those who have previously been known to abuse powers in the past.

So although a total of six admin levels sound like a lot there shouldn't end up being too many actual admins in the end, and the few there will be should be easy enough to maintain.

If one or both of the admins a clan has elected abuse their given powers they will have some or all of that power revoked immediately. In some cases it may only be necessary to revoke the rights of one of the admins, but in some cases we might revoke it for both, even if one of them is innocent, which would then prevent that clan from applying for admin permissions again.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the server or the system in general, let me know!

Current commUnity admins
  • Staff: Deucalion, God, Miso, Lady Luck
High Admins
  • DARK: Daggolin
None at the moment.

Event Organizers
None at the moment.

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