Exi's JK2 Particle Mod

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Exi's JK2 Particle Mod

Post by NanoVed » 26 May 2016, 09:40


Features :
-> Enhanced particle textures and altered Particle script. Clearly see black smoke on hits, sparks as if the saber is welding.

-> Enhanced Saber Beam textures. looks more like in the Classic movies. Saber movement looks better because of that.

-> A few small extra's which could be removed if needed.

This mod has only been tested as being fully functional on Jedi Knight 2 Version 1.04. The PK3 file for the mod is inside of a ZIP file. Please unpack the zip file to get the PK3.

Download Link :
https://www.dropbox.com/s/d48hn4b1i9w4s ... T.zip?dl=0

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