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Bespin Streets

Posted: 14 Oct 2018, 21:23
by Kevin
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Title: Bespin Streets

Author: Kameleon

File size: 4.52 MB

Release date: October 14th 2018


One of the singlerplayer maps people tend to visit the most is Bespin Streets. The map is quite vast in size, and provides plenty of opportunity for both gunslingers and duelists to duke it out. The map is so vast in fact that after initially considering the map complete, I realized there was simply too many entities for it to be playable, kicking me with from the session with an error. Because of this I have had to make a compromise between making the level fully playable even with larger amounts of players, while still retaining a high level of accuracy to the details of the map. To combat this I removed some entities and rearranged the positions of others. To most I recon this would be something to go unnoticed, but those with a keen eye for details might be able to spot where I have taken some creative liberty.

With how popular the map is, I hope you will all appreciate a fresh take on the map.

As with the other conversions, the goal was to make it closer to its SP counterpart, as well as to provide support for more gametypes, while of course keeping the FPS as optimal as possible.

Having learned a few new tricks while developing this map edit, I plan to revisit some of my already released conversions to upgrade the details and such things even further, so keep an eye out for updates to those.

Some of the features in this serverside Bespin Streets conversion includes:
  • Most singleplayer features of the map are functional, with the various buttons changing colours properly when used, and the many lifts behaving and sounding as close to their SP counterparts as possible.
  • Sound effects and ambient noises matched to those found in the SP version.
  • All models present on the map has been made solid.
  • Support for the Jedi Master gametype.
  • Support for the Holocron gametype.
  • Support for the use of weapons, carefully placed to suit the new supported gametypes.
In case anyone either doesn't want to have the emplaced gun turret on the map, or have any other issues with them (such as an alloc error), I have included a version of the map without it as well, which can be found in its own folder. I personally don't have any issues with it, and feel the map is lacking something without it, but I felt like it should be an option to not have it, for one reason or another.

If you want to make use of the version with the emplaced turret, and isn't exactly fond of the yellow alloc error, consider giving the following file a look. It contains many missing models, which Raven Software released as developer resources for mappers, examples of which being the emplaced turret, Reelo's chair, among other models, which you can add to your base folder, server ref_forcelist, etc. Please note that for the server to recognize the missing models pk3 as active on e.g. Bespin Streets, it seems like you must reference the pk3 in the ref_forcelist, as without doing so people would not load the pk3, and thus the yellow error would still occur to them.

To install this, simply make a folder called maps in your server directory, and then unpack the bsp file in there. No need to add it to a downloadable pk3, as it is a serverside map edit. Should you for some reason want to have it installed in the base folder, then it might be required to put it inside a pk3 however, as it may otherwise be loaded before the vanilla Bespin Streets, but I generally advice to keep serverside edits in a folder inside of your server directory if possible, as there's no reason for people to download the map.


Re: Bespin Streets

Posted: 15 Oct 2018, 04:30
by Tr!Force
very well made, i already tested on my server, nice ambients sounds and music

Re: Bespin Streets

Posted: 15 Oct 2018, 20:05
by Kevin
Tr!Force wrote:
15 Oct 2018, 04:30
very well made, i already tested on my server, nice ambients sounds and music
Thank you! :D Glad you like it :)

Re: Bespin Streets

Posted: 23 Oct 2018, 21:38
by michl
This one is very good. Also the doors and everything. Kinda lefts nothing to miss.

Re: Bespin Streets

Posted: 23 Oct 2018, 22:06
by Kevin
michl wrote:
23 Oct 2018, 21:38
This one is very good. Also the doors and everything. Kinda lefts nothing to miss.
Thank you :D