Yavin Courtyard

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Yavin Courtyard

Post by Kevin » 16 May 2018, 00:56

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Title: Yavin Courtyard

Author: Kameleon

File size: 1.8 MB

Release date: May 16th 2018


We all remember the mission from singleplayer where the temple on Yavin is under attack from Desann and his forces. Shortly after entering the hangar, a stormtrooper destroys the lift currently in use by rebel soldiers, blasting them into the air and breaking the lift. You follow the path into the now ruined temple, face off against reborn and shadowtroopers, when suddenly one of the bridges collapse in an explosion. Last but not least, just as you think you have caught up to Desann, he flee using a secret passage underneath the stairs at the big rock.

Needless to say, I really enjoy this mission in singleplayer. Sadly however, I have never found a version of the map where all three mentioned features were present, and some didn't even put effort into making sure buttons wouldn't disappear when used, or even just make the doors sound like they are supposed to.

I decided to spend today on properly converting Yavin Courtyard to multiplayer, attempting to replicate as much of it as possible in multiplayer. While there's no stormtrooper to shoot the lift in the hangar, I made one of the buttons to trigger it faulty, so that attempting to use the lift will break it in a spectacular fashion, and the bridge in the training room can now be destroyed. When wanting to replicate the stairs Desann used to escape, I ran into a slight issue, as the side of the stairs you would need to push is the bottom, which is for obvious reasons not possible unless you are already inside of the small hole underneath it. I didn't want to leave the stairs static however, I when making the stairs pushable wasn't an option, I hijacked one of the now many unused brush models from singleplayer. Simply stand in front of the stairs near the middle and press use, then the stairs will move into place like they do in singleplayer.

As with the other conversions, the goal was to make it closer to its SP counterpart, as well as to provide support for more gametypes, while of course keeping the FPS as optimal as possible. As the map doesn't have any lifts and assume you are able to jump high, placing holocron items for this map were a bit more tricky, but with the jump holocron placed in the lowest level of the map, and with spawnpoints in the higher regions, I think it should still be quite playable in that gametype.

Some of the features in this serverside Yavin Courtyard conversion includes:
  • Most singleplayer features of the map are functional, including the broken lift, the destructable bridge, and the moving stairs.
  • Bounce pad at the broken lift, for those who enjoy mindless fun while waiting for their opponents to join.
  • Support for the Jedi Master gametype.
  • Support for the Holocron gametype.
  • Support for the use of weapons, carefully placed to suit the new supported gametypes.
To install this, simply make a folder called maps in your server directory, and then unpack the bsp file in there. No need to add it to a downloadable pk3, as it is a serverside map edit. Should you for some reason want to have it installed in the base folder, then it might be required to put it inside a pk3 however, as it may otherwise be loaded before the vanilla Yavin Courtyard, but I generally advice to keep serverside edits in a folder inside of your server directory if possible, as there's no reason for people to download the map.


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Re: Yavin Courtyard

Post by C4N » 13 Jul 2018, 16:05

Awesome map, this and all of your SP2MP conversions, I really like this idea and I'm using all of your works on my server, I may add some own entity edits on top of it if have find some time for it. Pretty awesome.

I want to add a suggestion for you to consider, I'm not sure if this is possible but I want to let you know about this idea:

Instead of having the push trigger enabled by default at the lift, start with it disabled and enable the push when a player use the button, that way it looks like the explosion pushed him away, and when players approaches again, the lighting push them.

Awesome work here.
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Re: Yavin Courtyard

Post by Kevin » 13 Jul 2018, 16:11

C4N wrote:
13 Jul 2018, 16:05
Instead of having the push trigger enabled by default at the lift, start with it disabled and enable the push when a player use the button, that way it looks like the explosion pushed him away, and when players approaches again, the lighting push them.
Glad you like them! Sadly, without serverside modifications it isn't possible to toggle trigger_push on/off, and as I want to have them be universally compatible I haven't been able to find a way to do this.

I have made minor adjustments to some maps, and are currently working on bespin_streets. I will be sure to write on the topics when I update them :)

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