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Post by kenny » 14 Oct 2016, 09:31

I am not sure whether this concept has been made before, but it feels like it has been. Anyways yesterday I made this map which is a sort of dodgeball concept. You play as two teams that join on either the Red team or the Blue team. The objective is then to either kill all enemies or knock them off their platform. To do this you will use the throwable, round grenades and throw at your enemies. To make it a little bit interesting everything on the respective side is breakable and will break after getting hit enough times with the grenades, making the platforms smaller and smaller as the game progresses.

There is no mod for this map but it is still playable if people just respect the rules:

1. You may only enter the arena once, if you die or fall off you stand on the sidelines until one team wins.
2. Jump with force level 1 should be used.

Some other drawbacks that you have to adapt to is:

1. Between the rounds played you will have to restart the map to restore the broken platforms
2. You will have to use admin to get the grenades. The plan is to use only the grenades, but you do as you please.

I have discussed with Daggolin to maybe make a mod, but he is busy at the moment and first we will see if there is any interest to the concept :) The concept can also be worked on further by changing the layout of the platforms.

This is the first release so if you find any bugs or other problems please leave a comment. I hope you will enjoy the map!

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Re: Dodgeball

Post by Boothand » 14 Oct 2016, 20:33

Sounds interesting! Would be interested to try it some time.

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