Curious about something.

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Curious about something.

Post by MeX0100 » 02 Jun 2019, 21:13

Hello there!

So I asked around in game about this addon and seemed no one could even really remember it or have even heard of it. So for you old sweats out there, do any of you remember a kill tracker called Jam's Kill Tracker. If you don't, it had great commands like !music and such where you could listen to your music and keep track of your kills, the software of which is still around. (Google it.)

However, this is where the problem is, for some reason the software isn't reading the jk2mvmp.exe. Now, I naturally assumed it was because of a different name and I was right. I loaded the default jkmp up and ran a test server and it worked perfectly. So then that got me thinking to try it on Jedi Academy and when I was able to rename the program (eternaljk) into jamp.exe I assumed this would work, but no the program did nothing.

Now I know it could be the program itself and if it is, it's a shame as I am not sure where the author has gone. But if anything could be done to try and get the program (JKMV) to work with it and let it integrate that would be marvellous!

This may not even belong here, so feel free to move it!

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Re: Curious about something.

Post by ouned » 05 Jun 2019, 10:08

JK2MV has significant changes on how the in-game console works, if I remember correctly, the killtracker uses a win32 function to read the window contents. This window doesn't even exist anymore in JK2MV.

These killtrackers and their spam messages are annoying anyway, I'm gald it doesn't work anymore :P

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Re: Curious about something.

Post by Kevin » 10 Jun 2019, 11:14

Many servers offer kill- and general scoretrackers for anyone who log in on their server, with support for various gametypes, duels, and more + most keyboards nowadays allow you to change music with the press of a button, so overall I personally don't see the need for something like Jam's Killtracker :) And as ouned mentioned, it just filled the chat with annoying messages, so I don't really miss those trackers myself either :D

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Re: Curious about something.

Post by Daggolin » 27 Jul 2019, 13:22

They used to be quite useful for minimizing the game and to let others know about your taste of music. I would actually feel very nostalgic if I met someone using those again.

However at this point it doesn't really make sense to try to implement win32 specific work arounds in jk2mv to support such old tools. So I doubt anyone is going to do anything about this. But maybe some other kind of media-integration could be added to a mod or some engine fork. Though I doubt it's really worth the effort.

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