Cvar(list) crash

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Cvar(list) crash

Post by YY-James » 26 Aug 2016, 08:13

When you try to search for certain cvars using \cvarlist in the console, regardless if it's clientside rcon or the server console, the server crashes instantly. I am using the latest version of JK2MV, and it still crashes. There are rare instances that the entire server crashes, and forced to be rebooted. Some searches work without a problem, such as /cvarlist *pass, if I want to look at my passwords; it shows my map rotation scripts and all of the passwords, but if I did /cvarlist *hcpass instant crash. I did this with both x64 and x86 versions of 1.2.1. And it happens with a lot of other /cvarlist searches. Even if you know the cvar, let's say g_speed, even that may crash the server when it gives the info to you.
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I'm guessing that there's something overloading the server console, because the other server had a hitch warning. :|
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Re: Cvar(list) crash

Post by fau » 01 Oct 2016, 23:40

This should fix it: ... 509b9eff4c
Thanks for reporting.

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