[1.04 NF] Let's Play 2on2

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[1.04 NF] Let's Play 2on2

Post by fau » 05 Feb 2016, 23:14

LoD 1on1 tournament is due next week but there is nothing to fill the gap this weekend. I propose a 2on2 event/tournament this Sunday at 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET. Please be there earlier if you can. Exact format depends on how many players show up.

For jk2.info crowd I may add that it's an event for experienced players or looking for a challenge. And for Boothand that it's rather informal/late announce event so there may be nothing to stream really.

You don't need to register ahead or bring a teammate with you – just join the server and you'll surely find someone to play with. Everyone is welcome.

We will be playing on one (or all) of these league mod servers:
  • #1 Polish Leage
  • LoD League
  • zedi.TFFA
Some of you know me as an organizer of JK2World events, I assure you that everything will be smooth and if we get to play a tournament it will finish in 2 hours :-) If you can't make it before 20:00, show up later and I'll try to fit you in.

Please spread the word to people who may be interested on steam/fb/skype, I won't be able to inform all players without your help!

You can register on challonge: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/uAhVLxtawY
News on jk2world.net: http://jk2world.net/event/tournament/lets-play-2on2


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Re: [1.04 NF] Let's Play 2on2

Post by Rothaus » 23 Apr 2016, 12:46

UPdate Fau LoD New IP
IP: LoD Leauge Server

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Re: [1.04 NF] Let's Play 2on2

Post by Daggolin » 23 Apr 2016, 13:56

This event is over by now, it doesn't really matter anymore.
I see no point keeping all the IPs in old events up to date. That would just be a waste of time.

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