Anyone around from CTF (guns) 2002 to 2005

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Anyone around from CTF (guns) 2002 to 2005

Post by BF_Wonka » 06 Jul 2018, 01:06

Leagues were run by twl (teamwarfare)

Top clans around those times were
BF (Bastards of the force) - ME, hoby, superman, phoxx, farginmofo, paladin, flash, aoshi
DSbr - matt, meta, buffet, staind, rusted (-45)
TK - Tormentor, sparta, fallout, shinyu, nutricius, dirty sanches [Many joined BF upon breakup]
HK - tooSexy, SharpKnux, sniper, aragorn
VALAR - crash
IMAGE - faded...

Other memorable players, starcraft, viper, glassninja, ajax, aeroshift

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