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.GR. Duel UNI

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Hey its UNI
I apologize for my absence (7+ years). Was just looking through the site and the github repository. Many things have happened since I left. I was always a linux guy all of my servers were ran on linux 1.02, 1.04, q3 defrag. I even played on linux. I see some of fixes jedidog, ouned and I had worked on the first 12 years are now incorporated into jk2mv. Granted most were Q3 univeral exploits and others were specific to jk2. Anyway I just installed jk2mv clientside and thought I would say hello. I don't plan on bringing back .GR. Duel which I ran for 12 years but if you have any questions as to how I stopped exploits via base or did certain things I still have everything on disk somewhere.

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