Install JK2 on 64bits OSX

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Install JK2 on 64bits OSX

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I'm having troubles running the game in multiplayer mode. I've installed the game using the what I believe is the latest GOC release of the game (found on the bay). Intalled it with wineskin. No problem opening the game, did not try to go deeper than opening menu.

Problem occured when trying to downgrade to 1.02. Used the files from this link: ... 164708635/

Replace the existing files with the ones from said link. Then when opening MP mode it looks like it launchs but it just goes to blackscreen and then nothing.

I don't believe this is a mac issue as the game worked fine before downgrading.

If anyone can help me I could pay as much as 5 dogecoins.
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Re: Install JK2 on 64bits OSX

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You should use JK2MV. It has native support for OSX and you can play 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04 with it.
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