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Map servers

Post by YY-James » 27 Nov 2016, 01:56

Hey guys, I decided to take the time to create servers that will have all (working) maps that were archived from jk3files, which is now gone, and has been restored by Mr.Wonko. And now, since jk2mv has been developed, you can enter and download the map files without searching for the file online. :D

Since the quake 3 engine does not like folders packed with near or even at 500 .pk3 files (This includes your own (client) files as well, keep this in mind.)

There will be 2 servers with a rotation in alphabetical order.

Once the servers have been complete, it will be announced here. Currently, there will be an estimated total of 700 maps when completed.

Server #1: 100% Complete -
Server #2: 99% Complete - Final checks.
One map got nope'd. :oops:

If you have a (new) map that you would like to be archived and used on this server, you can send it to me by PM, or place it in the Downloads / Releases section and I may pick it up there.

In the meantime, i'll use my own server as a file site as well. Large maps are sometimes rate limited from file hosting services.
For map files you can't get it anywhere else, including Mr. Wonko's website listed here:, click here I'll be nice enough to allow anyone to use this as a http download site free of charge. If you want more files, i'll gladly help.
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Re: Map servers

Post by YY-James » 01 Jan 2017, 11:44

Alright! Servers are ready to go!

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Re: Map servers

Post by NubSmoo » 03 Jan 2017, 11:59

Awesome, I got bunch of maps on my servers but got to fix them lol
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