JK2 Community Forum!

Any notable happenings and notifications get some extra attention here, like if the server list goes down, someone gets interviewed and more.
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JK2 Community Forum!

Post by Daggolin »

Welcome everyone,

some of you might have come here with the intension to find the jk2mv forum (https://forum.jk2mv.org), but ended up here instead (https://jk2.info). I have to tell you, you are still in the right place. However we have converted the forum into a more general place for all of the jk2 community. Don't worry, the jk2mv sections and posts are still existing in the JK2MV section of this forum (viewforum.php?style=2&f=21).

So what is this? This place is meant to become a "Community Forum" for all of jk2. We want to offer a place for all of the community to talk about anything jk2 related. A place to organise events, talk about mods, servers, anything. We're open for all versions of jk2 (1.02, 1.03 and 1.04), no matter what gameplay you prefer (ffa/tffa/ctf, nf/wf, saber-only/weapons, ...).

I know this is a very short explanation, but it is simple and explains our vision.
So if you want to help us (and the community) simply start by announcing your next event here.

In hope for a great future together,
"The Community Forum"
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Re: JK2 Community Forum!

Post by ManiaC »

Hello, i am looking forward to the future!! :D


ManiaC | nD
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Re: JK2 Community Forum!

Post by ouned »

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Re: JK2 Community Forum!

Post by Lelouch »

super cool :lol:
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