#jk2 on QuakeNet

Any notable happenings and notifications get some extra attention here, like if the server list goes down, someone gets interviewed and more.
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#jk2 on QuakeNet

Post by ouned »

Hi there!

Some of us recently started to hang out on #jk2 at the QuakeNet IRC network.
You can join us via the webchat or by using a client like HexChat.
Everyone is welcome!

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Re: #jk2 on QuakeNet

Post by Ferox »

Quakenet still alive?
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Re: #jk2 on QuakeNet

Post by Valar »

Fuck yes - real IRC! (so sick of discord)
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Re: #jk2 on QuakeNet

Post by fau »

It is and there is a discord-irc bridge (unidirectional until ouned fixes it), but good luck making people go there. #jk2 @ quakenet.org.
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