Clan section is up and running

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Clan section is up and running

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Hey all!

As some of you have been wanting, including us, we now have clan sections up and running, which you can reach from the front page! This means that if you have a JK2 clan or some kind of community, you'll be able to get a section here. We encourage any clans to get one, whether you play FFA, CTF, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04, and so on. We want to tie the community more together, and by keeping clans and communities in the community forum we hope that would help.

Each clan will by default get a public and a private section, with a general forum and one application forum. If you for some reason see fit to have another forum within your clan section, you can ask us for this and we'll see about that. Of course, we encourage using the clan forums only for clan specific stuff and otherwise let general activity flow through the common forum.
Clan leaders (or others with permission) will be able to moderate their sections so they can add members and make sure it gets used the way they want.

Your clan will receive a shortcut URL to your subforum which can be conveniently used to direct players to your clan. Here are some examples already in use:

To get your clan section, simply contact us (Private messages -> New PM -> Add Groups and select Admins, Moderators or Staff), or you could always reply to this topic.
If you have any further questions, go ahead and post in this topic or contact us otherwise :mrgreen:

Also, we'd like to inform that we've got a Teamspeak server, which you can reach by connecting to "" on TS.
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