CTF Tutorial: Support in Captain Games

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CTF Tutorial: Support in Captain Games

Post by Ferox »

I made a 36 minutes long demo you can watch in-game where I show things while you can read and watch (you can just open console while watching demo if I write too fast). This demo covers a tutorial to the position "support" in 6on6 on CPT games, it is for beginners who want to play in captains. At start, the demo is very basic but it will soon go more into detail and might be interesting for advanced people also.

Of course, I could not cover everything and there is a lot more you can do as support, a lot more tricks and advice, but for now start with this one, put it in your demos folder on jk2 and watch it if ur interested to become good enough to be picked on captain games. Also please note, this demo is made for 6on6, as 90% of the captain games are 6on6 with usually 2 returners, 2 cappers, 1 basecleaner and 1 support. you can also watch this demo for 5on5, since a lot of what i say can be used as basecleaner too. so if u ever wondered why ur never picked or u would like to play in captain games, study this demo. it is a small guide as to what to do in which situation

LINK: http://www.filedropper.com/supporttutorial
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feel free to post questions here. this demo will be made as youtube soon probably, but watching the demo is easier because you can just open console to read in case i wrote too fast
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Re: CTF Tutorial: Support in Captain Games

Post by norse »

thanks ferox.
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Re: CTF Tutorial: Support in Captain Games

Post by Boothand »

I've watched the entire thing and it's great and mostly easy to understand. Covers how to think as support from first spawn and through most scenarios that can happen as well as some clever tips. Good job and I hope to see some supplementary tuts for other positions some time. :)
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Re: CTF Tutorial: Support in Captain Games

Post by Kazuka »

Very nice tutorial. Looking forward to see more :P
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