Groot's attitude

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Groot's attitude

Post by Sadow » 19 Jul 2016, 17:09

Hello guys, i'm here to talk about Groot. It's easy to learn, i don't want anymore this guy in our clan. He's stupid and do not respect the main rule of i'm clan. He insult and provocate all players and he don't care about our clan et his member. So i want he leave.
I think, and the councul talked about it the last time, i'm clan inivted lot of ppl without reason. According to me it's important to see if the player is serious and mature, i don't give a fuck about his skills, but just if he can play with respect ! Second thing, lot of ppl in i'm use script,
and I believe it is strictly forbidden , we nearly lost one of our dearest members because of it btw. I'm thinking about ToTo, he's good player but use script in ff is scandalous.

So do something and tell me your opinion about that.

Kiss <3

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Re: Groot's attitude

Post by norse » 20 Jul 2016, 19:17

firstly. my opinion is that no one in i'm uses script. i thought toto was scripting too. and his bro jojo, but they are just good.

second, groot is on parole. if he does anything he knows is lame, a bullshit move to piss people off, or just disrespect. he will be kicked.

so pay attention to him:) i believe he can do it. i like groot.

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