About us (who are we)

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About us (who are we)

Post by norse » 30 Jun 2016, 21:26

My name is norse... well not really, but thats my ingame tag. (DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

everyone who wants to please copy and make a similar post.

Age: 32
Country: Norway
Hobbies: Music and GAIMS!
Life goals: make a garden of perpetuity so my future family do not have to make paper to eat food.
Work/Studies: atm i study music, trying to do a bachelor, i wish to work in school with troubled youth.
IRL name: Pål Erik
JK2 playtime: 9 years (since 2002) but have had some brakes.

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Re: About us (who are we)

Post by Yankee » 05 Jul 2016, 05:23

In-Game Name: Yankee (Formerly Nathenal Hawk)
Country: United States of America (Florida)
Hobbies: Video Games, History, Politics
Life Goals: I wish to work for the United States Federal Government
Work/Studies: Currently in school
IRL Name: Michael
JK2 Playtime: 7 - 8 Years

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